Emissivity measurement

THEMACS Ingénierie assists you in your emissivity measurements, in the laboratory or directly at-site.
Emissometer EM3

Adaptability to your needs

According to your needs, we can measure:

  • directional emissivity
  • hemispheric emissivity
  • spectral emissivity
  • total emissivity

Emissivity measurement with a portable FTIR spectrometer on axles for temperature control

Measurements in situ

The emissometer developed by Themacs engineers allows us to carry out emissivity measurements directly on site.

We can assist you in your emissivity characterization needs of your materials

Field measurement in Namibia desert

Laboratory measurements

We can measure your samples in the laboratory using an integrating sphere and FTIR spectrometer.
Our team is available to give you expert help and advice